Assembling the microCarve A4

The complete microCarve A4 CNC

Step 1: Subassemblies (cont.)

Once you get a chance to look over the parts and compare them to pics of the A4, where they go isn't hard to figure out.

Back Board

Back board of the microCarve A4 CNC, with parts in place.
The other side of the microCarve A4's front board.

The back board goes together very similar to the front board, except that it doesn't have Delrin nuts or a motor mount plate.

Bearing Block

A4's bearing block, showing the large bore and small bore.

The bearing block is the same as the one for the front board, check the center bore to make sure you put the larger recess that holds the bearing for the leadscrew outward from the board. The bearing block doesn't have a motor plate backing it up on the far side of the back board, so there'll be washers that sit under the heads of the machine screws, as in the image above (click either image to enlarge.) It doesn't matter which way you install the screws, so far as I can tell--heads in or heads out, it don't make no nevermind.

Shaft End Mounts

The shaft mounts are also the same as the front board. A machine screw slips into the open end and through the bottom. Put the screw through the holes on each side of the bearing block. A washer and nut goes on the other side. They should be secured no more than finger-tight, not at all tight. When we're adjusting the machine you'll need to be able to turn these.

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