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1802 CPU free run circuit

CNC Workflow:

I've added a number of pages documenting my CNC workflow, from concept to finished object. I start with ZBrush and finish up with EMC2.


RoonVenture advert with three riders on an Oranglomite.

You can download my old-school, roleplay-centric, multi-genre RPG rules for free! Create your own character classes, avoid Anti-Rooners, and send your characters on a merry chase for the mystical Roon!

You can also have a sneak peek at the steampunk rules, RoonSteam, through a preview PDF that contains a subset of the rules currently in playtest. RoonSteam self loading automatic 10 shot revolver

Atari 7800 Mods:

Need to hook up your classic videogame to a modern TV? Or perhaps you need to get electricity into your Atari 7800? While you're at it, why not do a simple mod to your Atari 7800 to get arcade-quality graphics out of it (they're inside the box, I show you how to get them out!)

All this and more on the videogames page!


My AVR Projects from AVR Freaks are now on the Electronics page. Now you can get everything without a login!