Assembling the microCarve A4

A fully assembled microCarve A4 CNC Router

Putting It Together


I wrote this as much for myself as for anyone else. If something here seems too obvious for words, that's because I'm not always as sharp as I should be.


Front board of CNC with bearing block and delrin nuts mounted.Front Board
Back board of CNC with bearing block and shaft supports mounted.Back Board
Side board of CNC with bearing plate and shaft supports mounted.Side Boards

Start by preparing parts of the CNC for overall assembly.

Overall Assembly:

basic frame of the microCarve A4 during assembly.Frame Assembly
Leadscrew Installation on the A4-detailed image.Leadscrew Installation
A microCarve Z axis.Install Z Axis

Now we put the pieces together into a CNC machine.


My notes on adjusting and using the A4, beyond the assembly instructions above.

John's Notes:

Notes from the A4's designer on assembling and setting up his great little machine.

The CNCZone thread where the A4 was introduced (on about page 28.) Special appearances by other of John's many CNC machines. Start on page 1, it's all good!

Other A4 Users:

If you've got notes or online information on assembling the A4 or its close brethren, drop me an email at the address at the foot of this page!

CNCZone Build Threads on the A4: