Role Playing Games

Plus One Can Opener (Plus Two versus Tuna!)

Of the Paper, Pens, and Dice Variety

As much fun as I have with computer and video games, there's nothing like playing games with people in person. I enjoy board games, card games, and, (as you see) role playing games.


RoonVenture Ad Copy: three people riding an Oranglomite (which has been described as a 'football-shaped dragon'.)
Here's a free RPG that a friend and I originally wrote over 31 years ago. This version has been updated to include "modern" game features like an abusive license and a bunch of new settings to play it in!

Have a look!

Tunnels and Trolls

A Classic T&T Troll, Inspired by Liz Danforth's Art
Tunnels and Trolls is a simple, fun, no muss-no fuss RPG that I love to both run and play.


Guy in spacesuit with zap gun that goes BANG.

I've also enjoyed playing Traveller since it came out in 1977. My family and I playtested the new rules from Mongoose Publishing. We play a game that is a mix of Mongoose Traveller (MGT) and "Classic Traveller" (CT). Among the wonderful resources I employ for our game are the wonderful Classic Traveller and JTAS CD-ROMs available from Traveller's original designer, Marc Miller, through Far Future Enterprises.

I'm also a beta tester for Traveller 5.

I'm running a Traveller campaign now, and will soon be adding a full Traveller section to this site.

Need orbital period tables for your Traveller game in the meanwhile?

Original D&D:

A very simple dungeon.

I've been playing D&D since the original game came out. In the OD&D section I've posted some of my stuff from years past. There's an old character sheet from the early days, my house rules, and character sheets for various classes.