Plug in the iron and let's make smoke.

Artifact: A Godbout Half Foot Ruler from the 70's

Not Just a Job,
It's a Hobby

I work with electronics as an aerospace engineer, but electronics is my hobby, too.

8085 Trainer Project:

Image of 8085 CPU circuit on breadboard in free run mode.

I'm building an 8085 microprocessor trainer that I call the MAG-85 ("Micro Applications Gadget"). It's got 8K of NOVRAM, an LCD display, hex keypad, I/O and lots more.

Have a look >>

Old Computers

Big Board 4MHz Z-80 CPU upgrade daughterboard image.

Have a look at my
Ampro Little Board Plus.
4MHz Z-80, 64KB of RAM, and 88MB of hard disk space! Woot!

More old systems coming soon!

(Ferguson Bigboard, BBII, Kaypros, Commodores, etc., etc.)

AVR Projects:

Image of AVR driving a dual digit hexedecimal display, showing BB.

AVR Page
Want a hexadecimal display driver? I've got single and double digit drivers, and a custom case for the STK-500.

Atari Projects:

Image of Atari7800 with Extreme Video Warning.

Projects, information, and mods for the Atari Game Consoles, including the Atari 2600 VCS and Atari 7800 ProSystem. Hook up to a TV, get power in, hack it.

Hand-Made Code

Assembly Language Coding Form

Here are some coding forms that I use. If you like coding and compiling by hand, these are for you.