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I read omnivorously, but non-fiction science, history, and science fiction are what I read the most.

Guest Review:

Mote in God's Eye Cover Image

The Mote in God's Eye
by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

Guest review by Amaryllis Graybill, age 18.

How does a science fiction classic from the 1980s hold up for today's teen reader? Amaryllis shares the current teen obsession with ninjas, zombies, and manga in general (though she's not so big on vampires.) I asked her to stray from her usual paths to give this book a read, and let us all know what she thinks of it.

Living in Space

The High Frontier by Gerard K. O'Neill Cover Image 4th ed.

The High Frontier
by Gerard K. O'Neill

How well does this classic piece of futurism from the 1970s hold up to the passage of almost 40 years? When it was published, it influenced public thought and captured the imagination of millions. Since then, a new edition has been released, adding additional material from other authors on the subject of building habitats in space. Could we really build places in orbit that ordinary people would live and thrive?

The Dumarest Saga:

Dumarest of Terra a.k.a. The Dumarest Saga

Winds of Gath Cover image.

This is a series of over 30 science fiction books by prolific author E.C. Tubb. Starting a series of 33 books may seem daunting, but the first book, The Winds of Gath makes it worth getting started all by itself.

I've written an overview of the series to ease the way, in addition to individual reviews of books from the series.