CNC Tooling, Jigs, and Helpers

A K2-compatible spindle mount for a harbor Freight RouterCNC enclosure

Infrastructure for CNC Work

Bits and Bobs

Here are some things I've found useful for my CNC work.

Special Helps for CNC:

Here's where I'll be posting things I've come up with to make CNC work easier, including tooling, jigs, shop tips, and so on.

Harbor Freight Spindle Mount:

a spindle mount for a Harbor Freight Router.HF Router Mount

Spindle mount plate for a Harbor Frieght #44914 1/4" Trim Router (or similar, they have different manufacturers that make routers to the same mold line.) My mount's baseplate is made from 3/4" plywood and a pair of 2-1/2" muffler clamps. It mounts on the microCarve A4 Z-Axis, or any K2-compatible Z.

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