CNC Workflow

Detailed Info on Making Sawdust

Going from Concept to Real World Object.

Step By Step

There are a number of steps to getting from idea to object. Each step requires specialized tools and knowledge. Here are the methods I'm using.


ZBrush Screencap.ZBrush

Using ZBrush to design digital objects for CNC.

Alternate Design Method:

Designs Hand Coded in GCode.GCode

Sometimes I skip the design and CAM software and just tell the CNC what to do.


Cut3D Screencap.Cut3D

How I turn digital objects into CNC machine control instructions.

CNC Control:

EMC2 on the computer.EMC2

Software to command the CNC's movements.

File Conversion:

3D Object File Format Conversion.MeshLab

Sometimes you need to put a round file in a square program. MeshLab helps.