The Pathfinder RPG

Pathfinder: Vorpal d20 Rulebook good as d20 gets...

While I don't care for d20 game rules in general, Pathfinder makes the grade for me.

Things to Love:

I've got a list of things I like about Paizo's Pathfinder relative to other d20 games. Have a look and drop me a note if you see any reasons you think I may have missed (or any we disagree on.) (email address at bottom of this page)


Phraint Race for Pathfinder RPG

I've started converting some races for Pathfinder. Initially, I was looking at doing races from the 3rd Edition supplment Mythic Races, but I've decided to go for something with more...pizzazz...first.

Phraint from Arduin Grimoire.

My House Rules:

I make a few changes to the game when I run it.

My PFRPG House Rules

Campaign Ideas:

I'm working on some campaign ideas for Pathfinder, which I'll be posting information about as they develop.

Knee Deep in Orcs

One is a military-style campaign in a fantasy world using PFRPG that I call "Knee Deep in Orcs" (think Hammer's Slammers vs. Sauron, the name is from Knights of the Dinner Table, a title of a fictitious film that, when my brain is fried and I just want mindless entertainment I wish it were real!).

It's a high-energy, high-risk campaign with lots of classic unbalanced encounters of quantity versus quality.

Apocalypse 1890

The other that I'm working on is a fantasy western post-apocalyptic campaign (insert genres in blender and press "puree"). I call it "Apocalypse 1890" for obvious reasons. Basically an asteroid hits the Earth in 1890, pretty well destroys large scale industry, but the American West weathers it out reasonably well. But the asteroid (which breaks into a bunch of chunks before hitting the Earth) also causes mutations, so there are not just ordinary cowpokes but also three-armed Elves riding the range. It's a low-magic Western/Steampunk/Fantasy campaign concept.

Stay tuned. One or the other of these games will probably start in late August 2012, I expect to publish information as it becomes available to my players.