RoonVenture (RoonQuest)

Polleneaters attacking RoonSeekers!

A Simple Game, Cleverly Disguised as a Simple Game

Quick, rules-light, and roleplay-centric game system from 1980, updated with the best features of today! Like an abusive game license, multiple milieux, and amazing new meandering monsters.


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RoonVenture, the Roonquest 31st Anniversary Edition Rools (8MB PDF)

The Rock Monster from Roonventure (looks like a rock with eyes.)

Enjoy roleplay-centric gaming at your table. You can add as many pluses as you want, but it still all comes down to the roll of a single die, so that you can get on with the game. Or, if you want to belabor it, play cards to settle the matter.

RoonSteam Preview

Download the RoonSteam Preview now! Be among the first to take your Roons into a steampunk world of Victorian scientifiction! Final edition will include plenty of art, as well as a full introductory adventure which is currrently being used in playtesting. (Yes, we do actually test this game in play, and play it for fun!)

RoonSteam Automatic Repeating 10 Shot Powderless Revolver

Online Instant RoonVenture Character Generator:

RoonVenture Character Record Sheet

Get a Quick Character with our online Character Generator! No more messy die rolls by sticky-fingered players. Every character guaranteed a great in the game when coupled with the right player (and every sixteenth wrong one!)