My T&T Rules

Fifth Edition, plus a few 5.5 and 7.x things.


The free T&T 5th edition rules and what's here will get a player going in my game.

My T&T Campaign Rules

Start with the Free Rules

Grab a copy of the Free T&T Rules. These are a short form of the T&T 5.5 edition rules, and what's here is practically indistinguishable from the 5th edition rules for what they cover.

The full rules contain more types and kindreds. But give the free rules as they are a go, play through the solo adventure included to get a feel for the game.

Additional Combat Rule #1: Spite

For each "natural 6" rolled on your hit dice, an opponent takes one point of Con damage, irrespective of armor and who had the highest hit point total. This is called "Spite" damage. Your opponents get the same against you. If they roll a 6, that's one point of direct Con damage.

Additional Combat Rule #2: Stunting

You may risk your contribution to your side's HPT by choosing to perform some sort of special situational action in combat. I will assign a SR to your attempt if I go along with it, along with success and failure conditions. If you go ahead and make the roll, you take what comes. See the article Dare to DARO for more on stunting, if you're interested.

General Combat

Combat doesn't always have to involve the entire party going into general melee. Be flexible, let me know what you'd like to do, and we can play out more interesting scenarios than, "Our side got 43. What did they get?"

Adding Flavor

If there's some style or flavor that you'd like to add to the game that you don't see there already, there are a couple of options. First is to "re-skin" something already in the game. If you want to play a Vulcan with a Lirpa, you can use the Elf kindred, call it a Vulcan, and treat a broad axe as a Lirpa, noting that for color it will have some mace-like blows thrown in. The second option is to create your own and get my approval, or ask me to come up with something. Like a new Vulcan kindred and a new weapon. Which I'll likely tweak something that exists, like make a dwarf-elf cross to get a Vulcan and make a weapon that behaves like dual-wielded axe and mace, requiring a pretty high dex to use.