Saundby's Races for Pathfinder RPG

A Phraint for Pathfinder

It's not all a Rat Race. There are plenty of others to play...

Bringing goodness from other games into Pathfinder.

Races for Pathfinder RPG:

I'll be posting conversions of races from other games, as well as ones of my own design here as I write them up for Pathfinder. Enjoy, and if you have any thoughts or comments I would very much like to hear them! Please drop me a note at the email address at the bottom of the page.

In particular, if you've enjoyed some of the games I've drawn from, I'd love to share recollections with you, or hear your requests for more! (Sometimes a little friendly encouragement is all it takes to get me to dig up an old rule book and start working.)

Arduin's Phraints:

A Phraint from the Arduin Grimoire and the Runes of Doom, converted for the Pathfinder RPG.

One of my favorite old sources of material is the Arduin Grimoire books by Dave Hargrave. I first used Phraints as a race converted for Traveller, so I've been converting these guys for other systems for about 35 years now!

Phraints for Pathfinder.