Computer Program Coding Forms

Tools to Produce Hand-Made Code

A Dying Art

I find hand-coding and hand-assembly to be relaxing and enjoyable. It's like crochet, but it makes programs instead of blankets and lace.

My Home-Made Forms:

I've made several forms for my own use. These are generic Assembler coding forms. I have other versions tweaked for specific processors that I'll be posting as I migrate them to PDF.

These forms are laid out for U.S. A-size paper (8.5 x 11 inches.) The margins should allow them to be printed on A10 paper as well.

Single Column Assembly Coding Form
(61K PDF)

Two Column Assembly Coding Form
(50K PDF)

Two Column Assembly Coding Form with Info Block
(53K PDF)

TI 960/980 Assembly Coding Form:

TI 960/980 Assembly Coding Form TI-20632B
(370K JPG)

A classic assembly coding form, useful for many architectures beyond the Texas Instruments 960 and 980.

HP-41/67/97 Programming Forms:

Here is a collection of forms used for writing and documenting programs for the HP programmable calculators.

Program Submittal Form (380K JPG).
Program Description Form (373K JPG).
Program Description II Form (260K JPG).
User Instructions Form (250K JPG).
Program Listing Form (260K JPG).
Registers, Flags, Status Form (280K JPG).
Keyboard and Card Labelling (260K JPG).