CNC Machining

Press the start button and let's make sawdust!

My microCarve A4 CNC. A small, high precision CNC machine.

My Newest Hobby

I bought a microCarve A4 CNC in April 2011, and there's been no looking back ever since.

My CNC Workflow:

An object being prepared for carving in Cut3D CAM software.How I Do It

Here is how I go from an idea to a real world object, step by step.

My CNC Workflow >>

microCarve A4 Assembly:

A microCarve A4 CNC machine.Build It

Got a new A4 and want a leg up on putting it together? I've got you covered.

microCarve A4 Assembly >>

Helps, Jigs, and Tooling:

Baseplate for a HF Router. Tools and Jigs

Now featuring a simple mount for the inexpensive Harbor Freight 1/4" router.

CNC Tooling, Jigs, and Helps >>

Coming Soon: CNC Projects

Soon I'll be posting information about my projects, including how you can do the same thing. Stand by, it won't be long. I'm cranking out new projects at a rate of about three a week, I need to just take a sec to write them up.