Video Games

Plug in a cartridge and press RESET.

Play Again?

Whether they're the downfall of civilization or secret training tools of the military, video games are fun. And seriously, how much worse can they be than 90% of what's on TV?

Atari Projects:

My Geocities site on the Atari 7800 has been moved to its new home here on It's ugly, but hey you're just here for the info, right?.

The site features a mod that allows the 7800 to use a standard power adapter, and a video mod that brings S-Video out of the insides of the Atari7800 console, much cleaner than the RF-modulated wavy-line noise that comes out of the TV connector.

TV Hook Up:

The ever popular page on how to hook your old video game up to a modern television is still alive and well.

Yet to Come:

Retro-reviews, more systems and more mods, Watch this space!