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Advertising for the Ampro Little Board Computer

Ampro's ads began appearing in journals I read in 1984. They immediately struck a chord with me.

Ampro (and friends) Ad Gallery

Early 1984

This is the ad I first remember seeing for the Little Board.

The Little Board, Quantity One, $349

Late 1984

Here's another early ad for the Little Board.

The Little Board...$349. The world's simplest and least expensive CP/M computer.

Early 1985

Here we see an ad that has the Bookshelf systems and the SCSI Plus, a daughterboard for the original Little Board.

Little Board, SCSI/Plus, Bookshelf Series 100 Systems ad.

Late 1985

Now the Little Board Plus is offered, a Little Board with the SCSI interface integrated in. This is the board I have. Note that it is offered at the price of the original Little Board.

Little Board/186, Little Board Plus, and Bookshelf computers.

The Little Board became big enough that many third parties began offering items for Little Board based systems. Here's one example.

Integrand Research Corporation MainFrame Solutions for Little Board.

Late 1986

Here is a nicely detailed ad from Micro Cornucopia in October 1986.

Little Board...$249. The world's least expensive CP/M engine. Bookshelf series 100. Priced from $895, 10MB system only $1645.

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