Image of an 8085 Microprocessor IC, DIP-40

8085 Microprocessor Reference Card

A Pocket Reference for 8085 Programmers.

Includes pinout, electrical specs, undocumented opcodes, and interrupt programming info.

8085 Pocket Reference

A Guide to the 8085 Microprocessor

This file is laid out so that you can print both pages on a duplex (double-sided) printer to get two 8085 Microprocessor reference cards. You may also print just one page one-sided, then fold the sheet over, to get a single reference card.

8085 Microprocessor Reference Card, prints on size A paper, scalable to A4.
Click to download 8085 Microprocessor Reference Card PDF (92KB)

A More Detailed Reference Card

As much as I like my old Intel 8085 reference card, there's information it's missing that I'd like to have on it. So I've made my own 8085 processor reference card. Among the things I wanted to have at hand are the number of T States (cycles) that each instruction requires. I also like having the pinout handy, the undocumented instructions (which are available on every version of the 8085 that I've ever encountered, including my early production originals from 1976), and more detail on the 8085's interrupts.

Plus, this reference card is sized to print on standard paper. I can make as many as I want. I print mine on a high quality cover stock. When printed two-sided, page 1 and 2 are laid out to print 2 cards with all the information on them. Cut the paper in top and bottom halves, lengthwise, to get two complete cards. Fold between sections to make a card that fits nicely in a shirt pocket.

Undocumented Instructions and Registers

The undocumented instruction and register information comes from non-Intel data sheets from later versions of the 8085. This information applies to the Intel versions as well, it was simply undocumented. The additional 16 bit instructions are especially useful, and all the instructions are included in every 8085 processor I've ever used. Undocumented instructions have been marked as such in case you wish to avoid them for any reason.

If you have any comments or corrections on this card, please email me at the address at the bottom of this page. Thanks!